Our United Way

UWSSC Mission Statement

To increase the organized capacity of people in South Sarasota County to care for it's neighbors in need.

Our 28 funded South County agencies help to prevent children, families and seniors from being homeless, isolated and abused.

Your contributions support our Community Impact Programs and our Community Investment Partnerships

United Way’s goal is to help create long-lasting changes and partnerships, by addressing the underlying causes of problems that affect families, children, seniors and individuals from reaching their full potential. United Way’s believe that everyone deserves the same opportunities to succeed in life.

Community Impact Facts from 2015-2016 UWSSC Funded Programs

Educational Programs: The cornerstone of success in school, work and life.

Education is a cornerstone for success in school, work and life. And it benefits the whole community: high school graduates earn more and contribute more to their local economies, are more engaged in their communities, and are more likely to raise kids who also graduate. United Way is about more than short-term charity for a few; we’re about lasting solutions that build opportunity for all. We look at the big picture: what resources are lacking or need strengthening, and how we can address those gaps to keep kids on track to graduation.

  • 6,630 at risk/low income children were able to attend preschool programs, after school care and summer day programs so their parents could continue to work knowing their children were safe, even when they could not afford it.
  • 2,689 special needs adults & children received necessary psychological, health and personal safety assessments so they could be placed in special training or mentorship programs that improve, strengthen and empower their lives for the better. Thus increasing their chances to thrive and succeed with less community stigma and family affliction. Day programs with purpose, literacy help, respite services and clinically supports close the gap on lasting solutions that develop lasting strategies for a better life.

Health Programs: Good health is essential for individual success and community vitality.

Good health is an essential ingredient for individual success and a thriving community. Healthy kids are more likely to succeed in school. The whole community will flourish when all of our residents have access to public parks, playgrounds, healthy foods and quality healthcare. We are committed to more than short-term charity for a few; we are committed to lasting solutions that build opportunity for all.

  • 13,710 lower income adults & children were provided with needed food, hygiene products, medicine, counseling & access to health and dental clinics. Adults and children were then allowed to flourish with less risky behaviors and healthier lifestyles
  • 2,480 senior meals delivered supporting frail seniors in need who are homebound or unable to cook themselves. This truly helped to close the ranks on isolation and scam artistry that plagues many seniors in our retirement community.
  • 11,710 phone calls to 2.1.1 that connected citizens with health resources to improve their quality of life. Our community thrives when all of our neighbors have access to quality updated resources that can lead them to quality affordable care.

Income Stability Programs: The whole community benefits when families’ and individuals’ are able to stop walking a financial tightrope & get on solid ground.

Income stability - The whole community benefits when more working individuals and families are able to stop walking a financial tightrope and get on solid ground. That’s why we focus on lasting solutions that go beyond charity, because financially stable people are more likely to have access to quality health care, provide a good education for their children, and contribute to their local economies.

  • 1,367 adults and families received legal advice, foreclosure help, scam alerts, tax assistance and social service resources that abetted economic disaster through planning and guidance that improved their financial stability & independence with programs that stimulated their financial literacy.
  • 3,554 families and adults gained access to program aids and client service referrals that lent a hand during a short term crisis and allowed them to establish a better plan.
  • 3, 052 adults and seniors talked with a live specialist on our 2.1.1. Resource Call Center that lead to utility resolutions and other helpful financial resources.

*Totaling 42,692 lives impacted by investing in Venice, Osprey, Laurel, Nokomis, Englewood and North Port Communities.